Welcome! This page is a mix of everything that I like and advocate for. Whether it's something childish and funny, a post on rights for the preborn, or just a random thought from my life I hope you find it interesting.
I'm a modern day abolitionist working to end abortion by day and tumbling to save babies online by night.
I'm a sinner just like everyone else, saved by the grace of God and seeking His paths of righteousness.
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Dear God,

I’m angry… or upset. I can’t even deal with some of these emotions right now. Why is there so little of you in this world? Why does everyone trade in so many things for idols? Why do we continually set our standards so low and take our gaze off of helping and serving others.

I don’t know where to go anymore… I don’t know what you want of my life. But I’m trusting, trusting that we will put down our idols, stop worshiping those who did not die on the cross for us, and pick up the cross to help others and tell them about you.

Your Daughter

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This evening was the last of four times this summer when the sunset perfectly aligns with the grid of Manhattan. The view was incredible, of course, but what really struck me is the effect it had on the city. People flood the streets, traffic slows, and everyone takes it in. An entire city pauses for a moment to stop and simply marvel. It was beautiful.

If there’s anything I hate

It’s apathy on the abortion issue. Seriously dude… you’re going to take a whatever attitude about your friend working at a Planned Parenthood?

I mean maybe this is just me, but I think rebuking can be done these days, so long as it’s done in a God-loving way. Stop helping your friends down the slippery slope and call them to the greatness they were made to instead!